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[LG G4]How can I control SS in Manual Camera Controls?

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How can I control SS in Manual Camera Controls?



Function Function


        ▶ SS: Used to control Shutter Speed.  Longer shutter speed will lead to a longer exposure.

                          For example: Tracing light photography in day and night. 

                 1.When you activate SS, AE-L is enabled. As before, EV cannot be modified when AE-L is activated.

              Note: Previous SS setting will be used when AE-L is on.

                 2.EV is adjusted automatically according to current ISO or SS value.
                 3.If the exposure time is too long with bright ambient light, the preview screen may appear white. 
                This is due to overexposure and is normal.  Lower the exposure time to correct this issue.
                 4.We recommend you use a tripod or fixed mount when taking photos with longer exposure time to stabilize images.
                    Any movement of the camera during this exposure will be exaggerated and images will be blurry.
                       Control SS


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