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[LG G4]What are restrictions for the camera?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

What are restrictions for the camera?


Function Function


           1.When pictures are taken by hand gestures, rock (a fist) is better recognized than paper (an open hand).

              Symptom : A fist is better recognized than paper (an open hand).

                 When the phone is not held properly, recognition rate is reduced (Engine limitation).



           2.Blinking when video filming starts including slow motion

            Symptom : Blinks when video filming starts.

                    Camera Settings  Video resolution Slow motion Filming screen

                     Recording starts after blinking once, It may appear as an error but please be assured that it is normal.

             Cause: Surface view is used to display preview screen.

                            When a new preview needs to be shown as it differs in size with the previous view, it may blink temporarily.



           3. Noise on the screen in dark places

           To shot bright images with extremely low illumination, ISO is automatically set at 2700 (maximum).

            As higher the ISO, the higher sensitivity, but images may have some noises.

                 - Use LG apps to get clearer images without noise with the post-processing solution.

                 - To also capture bright images without noise, we recommend you to set shutter speed lower than 1/9s in Manual mode

                   and  lower ISO sensitivity.


          4.Red color is exaggerated in videos and selfies (Worse when compared to Note 4)

           Saturation for skin tone is increased for healthy face expression.


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