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[LG G4] What is Glance View?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

What is Glance View?


Function Function


          1. To use Glance View, all you need to do is swipe downwards in sleep mode to access notifications—no need to wake or unlock!


How to use How to use


            1.Glance View works best when initiated about 0.5 inches below the top of the display [Image 1].
            2.When you drag your finger down on the screen over 0.4 inches, the backlight turns on [Image 2 & 3].
              image 2   Image 3 
           3.When you drag your finger down on the screen over 1 inch, glance view screen will be displayed [Image 4].
              Image 4 
          4.Glance view will not be activated when the screen lock is off.

          5.Glance View may not work well in the following cases:

             - Within 1 second after it is turned off                                 

             - Dragged too fast or up and down

             - Angle of the drag is greater than 60 degrees. 


             Image 5


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