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[G3] How can I make settings on the sound?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018
Function How can I make settings on the sound?


             Sound profile – Choose the Sound, either Sound, Vibrate only or Do Not Disturb None.
             Volume – Adjust the phone's volume settings to suit your needs and your environment.
             Vibration strength – Allows you to set the vibrate strength for calls, notifications, and touch feedback.
             Ringtone – Set the ringtone for calls. You can also add a ringtone by tapping at the top right corner of the screen.
             Notification sound – Set the notification sound. You can also add a notification sound by tapping at the top right corner of the screen.
             Sound with vibration – Checkmark to set the phone to vibrate in addition to the ringtone when you receive calls.
             Vibration type – Allows you to set the vibration type for incoming calls. Choose from Long Lasting, Rapid, Short repeated, Standard, or Ticktock.
             Do not disturb – Set a time and mode when your phone limits alerts from calls and notifications on top of the currently

                                          selected sound profile. Choose from All, Priority only, or None.
             PRIORITY ONLY – Set specific types of alerts to come through when Priority only is turned on. Alarms always have priority.

                                              Choose from Apps with Calendar events, Incoming calls, New messages, or Allowed contacts.
             SCHEDULE – Set a schedule for when Do Not Disturb is to be on.
             Lock screen – Set to show or hide all notifications on the lock screen.

             Apps – Set notification from Apps. Choose from None to show no notifications form the Apps, and Priority to show notifications

                           with priority on top of others and when Do not disturb set to Priority only.
             Vibrate on tap – Checkmark to vibrate when tapping the Home touch buttons and during other UI interactions.
             Sound effects – Tap to set the dial pad touch tones, touch sounds, and screen lock sound.
             Dial pad touch sounds – Checkmark to play tones while using dial pad.
             Touch sound – Checkmark to play sound when making screen selection.

             Screen lock sound – Checkmark to play sound when locking and unlocking the screen.
             Message/call voice notification – Tap the Message/call voice notification switch to toggle
it On or Off. On allows your device

                                                                       to incoming call and message events automatically.


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