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[G3] How can I use QuickMemo+

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018
How can I use QuickMemo+



Function What is QuickMemo+?


             The QuickMemo+ allows you to create memos and capture screen shots.Capture screens,

             draw on them and share them with family and friends with QuickMemo+.


  image1. (While screen is switched off)Press and hold the Volume Up key.


  image        OR Touch and slide the status bar downward and tapimage .


        image  2. Select the desired menu option from Thickness, Transparency and create a memo.



           image 3. Tap image in the Edit menu to save the memo with the current screen. To exit QuickMemo+ at any time, tap image.




             NOTE: Please use a fingertip while using the QuickMemo+. Do not use your fingernail.



How to use How to use the QuickMemo+ options


             You can easily use the editing tools when using the QuickMemo+.





How to use How to view the saved QuickMemo+

             Tap QuickMemo+/Gallery and select the QuickMemo+ album.


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