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[G3] How to connect my G3 to PC with a USB cable

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How to connect my G3 to PC with a USB cable



Function explanation PC connections with a USB cable

             Learn to connect your device to a PC with a USB cable in USB connection modes.



How to use How to use


             Transferring music, photos and videos using the USB mass storage mode

             1. Connect your phone to a PC using a USB cable.
             2. If you haven't installed the LG Android Platform Driver on your PC, you will need to manually change the settings.

                Slide down the status bar > Tap USB connected > Select USB connection method, then select Media device(MTP).
             3. You can now view the mass storage content on your PC and transfer the files.



            Synchronise with Windows Media Player

             Ensure that Windows Media Player is installed on your PC.


            1. Use the USB cable to connect the phone to a PC on which Windows Media Player has been installed.
            2. Select the Media sync
(MTP) option. When connected, a pop-up window will appear on the PC.
            3. Open Windows Media Player to synchronise music files.
            4. Edit or enter your device’s name in the pop-up window
(if necessary).
            5. Select and drag the music files you want to the sync list.
            6. Start synchronisation.
                The following requirements must be satisfied to synchronise with Windows Media Player.


                  PC requirement Image


                • If the Windows Media Player version is lower than 10, install version 10 or higher.




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