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How can I connect my mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset?

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How can I connect my mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset?



icon What is Bluetooth?


            Bluetooth is one of short-range wireless communication technology that uses a frequency of

            2.4 GHz. It is used to transmit and receive data by connecting a PC, printer, telephone, fax,

            mobile device, headset, and TV wirelessly. 

            Applicable : All smart phones



icon How to use


            1. How to connect use Bluetooth on mobile phones

                1) Turn on devices (e.g.
headphone) and enter pairing mode.

                2) On your mobile device, go to Setting > Wireless and Network > Bluetooth >

                    Device Search > Select a Device > Request Pairing.
                    Tap Accept to complete pairing.


            When it asks you to enter a PIN code, enter 0000 or four digit numbers given in the user’s manual.


            ※ Operation may differ by product. 



            2. Bluetooth Profile



                Bluetooth Profile refers to specifications that define a performance of a Bluetooth device.


                - GAP(Generic Access Profile) : Definition of a Bluetooth device discovery connecting process
                - SPP(Serial Port Profile) : Base profile of all data transmission and serial communication
                                                        between devices
                - HSP(Headset Profile) : Bluetooth headset devices
                - HFP(Hands-Free Profile) : Bluetooth hands-free devices
                - OPP(Objet Push Profile) : Objects between devices (Notes, business cards, contacts)
                - FTP(File Transfer Profile) : File
transmission between devices
                - BPP(Basic Pronting Profile) : Wireless printing via Bluetooth
                - A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) : Audio
data streaming between devices
                - AVRCP(Audio Video Remote Control Profile) : TV, audio remote control with a PDA or
                                                                                       mobile device
                - PBAP(Phone Book Access Profile) : Contact sync
                - HID(Human Interface Device) : Wireless input devices such as a keyboard and mouse


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