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How can I use NFC on my phone?

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How can I use NFC on my phone?



image What is NFC?


            Tag your phone when NFC is on to transmit data or pay for transportation.



image How to use

            1. Turn on NFC.

                From Quick menu, tap the NFC icon or go to Settings Network Share & Connect

                NFC ON.





            2. Tagging or P2P transmission : Can read and write on your NFC tags and transmit data

                between devices


            3. Android Beam : Place two phone close back to back to transmit content such as images

                or music files.





            4. Tap & Pay : You can select a default payment method with an app. Tab Menu at the upper

                right corner of the screen to set up.



image How to connect Android Beam

            Turn on Android Beam and hold two phones close together to share apps or files.

                안드로이드 빔을 켜서 내폰과 다른 기기를 맞대어, 앱 콘텐츠나 파일을 간편하게 주고 받을 수 있습니다.


            1. Make sure your devices support NFC and Bluetooth.

            2. Turn on Android Beam on both devices.

            3. Select a file that you want to share on your device (For example, select an image from Gallery).
            4. Hold the phones close back to back.
            5. When the screen becomes smaller, touch the screen to send the file (Content that can be
                shared may differ by app).
            6. You can also share Web browser pages, YouTube videos, contacts, images in Gallery,
                and music files.


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