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[G2] Voice Recorder

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

Voice Recorder

     Use the voice recorder to record voice memos or other audio files.


 Recording a sound or voice

     1  Tap  >  >  Voice Recorder.
     2  Tap  to begin recording.
     3  Tap  to end the recording.
     4  Tap  to listen to the recording.

     ※ NOTE: Tap  to access your album. You can listen to the saved recording.
                        The available recording time may differ from actual recording time.


 Sending the voice recording

     1  Once you have finished recording, you can send the audio clip by tapping .
     2  Choose from Bluetooth, E-mail, Gmail, Memo, Messaging or SmartShare
When you select Bluetooth, E-mail, Gmail, Memo, Messaging or
         SmartShare Beam the voice recording is added to the message. You may then
         write and send the message as you usually would.



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