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[G2] Slide Aside (Quick task-switching with THREE fingers)

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  • LG Friends, טאבלטים, סמארטפונים
  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

 Slide Aside (Quick task-switching with THREE fingers)

     You can quickly switch to another task using three fingers.
     1  Place three fingers on the screen which you are currently working on and slide the
         screen to the left. The current screen is saved and you can do another task.
     •  You can save up 3 (three) apps in the left side of the screen.
     2  To reopen the saved screen and continue to use the app, place three fingers on a
         screen and slide it to the right.

     ※ NOTE: Please be careful not to place another fingers or palm on the screen.


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