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[V10] How to add a fingerprint?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

How to add a fingerprint?


Fingerprint ID provides another layer of security. In addition to securing your phone and locking
contents, it also allows you to make secure mobile payments using PayPal.

 How to add a fingerprint

     1. From the home screen, tap Apps ▶ Settings?▶ General tab (if applicable) ▶ Fingerprints & security
         ▶ Fingerprints
         a) To register fingerprint, you need to first set security lock (knock code, etc.) to be used with fingerprint.
     2. Enter your lock screen protection to begin registering your first fingerprint.
     3. Lightly touch the power button multiple times to register your fingerprint.  At ~80% recognition it will
         prompt you to scan your fingertip.
     4. When complete, screen with show 100%.  Tap ADD MORE to register additional fingerprints or OK to






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