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[V10] What is RAW (DNG) image format?

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What is RAW (DNG) image format?


 Function Explanation

     Capture uncompressed images that give you the freedom to edit to your needs.

     Capture images in JPEG or JPEG+RAW
     RAW images allow for professional enhancement with photo editing software

     JPG is one of the most commonly used image file formats due to its relatively small file size  
     allows for easier sharing and use. The RAW or DNG file contains more light and color information
     than JPG, and allows for a wide range of adjustment for exposure or white balance.

     In RAW/JPG mode, both JPG and DNG file type are saved.

 How to use

     1. With the camera active in Manual Mode (camera or video) and toggle between JPG and RAW/JPG in the
         settings menu.

     a) DNG File is quite later and will take a lot of space in the storage.
     b) DNG File cannot be viewed in the gallery, rather from the file manager.  
     c) JPG images in the Gallery that were taken as RAW/JPG, will show DNG on the image.
     d) If you delete the JPG image in the gallery, the DNG file is also deleted.



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