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[G2] Using SmartShare

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Using SmartShare



How to use Using SmartShare

     SmartShare uses DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology to share digital content through a wireless network. Both devices must be DLNA certified to support this feature.
     You can enjoy SmartShare feature on Gallery, Music, Video, and Polaris Office.

     1  On the content you want to play or beam, tap image.

     2  Tap Play or Beam in the dialog box.

Play: You can stream your content via TV, Bluetooth speaker, etc.
Beam: You can send your content to Bluetooth devices or SmartShare Beam*-supported LG phones or tablets.
        *SmartShare Beam quickly transfers multimedia contents through Wi-Fi Direct.

     3  Tap the device to play or receive on the list.


     If the device is not on the list, make sure on the device that Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, or Bluetooth connection is turned on. And tap Rescan.

     4  Tap Send.


How to use To enjoy content from nearby devices such as a computer or mobile device on your phone

     1  To connect the nearby devices to your phone, tap Nearby devices on Gallery, Music, or Videos application as below.




     • Ensure that your phone and nearby devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
Make sure DLNA feature on the nearby device is turned on.

     2  Tap the device to connect.

         If the device is not on the list, tap Search nearby devices.


     After connection, you can enjoy the contents from the nearby device on your phone.



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