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[MC] Secure start-up

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/15/2018

Secure start-up

Contents : SetupWizard>Set up fingerprint >Select screen lock >Secure start-up Set

  - If you forget the pattern orpassword after setting the lock, you can not recover the encrypteddata andpersonal information on your phone. This can not be recoveredfrom the service center.


This function is activated when"Enable" is checked on the following screen when setting lock screenor "Secure start-up" in security setting.
If a normal lock screen is displayed,even if the user forgets the password, it can be recovered by the existingpassword reset guide.
However, when the user reboots thedevice, the CryptKeeper screen shown in the figure belowcan not be recovered.
In addition, the warning about thefunction is guided by the user when setting the lock screen as follows.
For added security, the ability to unlockyour screen with your Google Account or backup PIN has been removed.





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