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למד על התקנת המוצר, תחזוקה ופתרון בעיות באמצעות אפשרויות החיפוש שלך.

Calendar landscape mode_G6

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  Calendarlandscape mode


In landscape mode


  • Thecalendar is displayed on the left and agenda is displayed on the right.


  • Whenyou select the date with saved events they aredisplayed on the right in the agenda view.


  • Thefloating Back button is displayed. You can also swipe up on the buttonto go to select the floating Homebutton.  (Note: To move the button, drag it left orright.)


  • TheHome touch buttons are not displayed. Swipe from the right side of the screen to theleft to temporarily display the home touch buttons. [image 3]



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