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Sluggish of use

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Sluggish of use



symptom Symptom


          Sluggish of use



cause Cause


          The HW performance limitation(1GB/1.5G RAM) could be a cause of the following points compared to the product already released.

              - Sluggish of use, slow touch typing, s top or bounce the application , forced kill a game or surfing the internet
( if the app is using large amounts of memory )
how to fix How to fix
          1. If you run multiple applications, sluggish or slow of use such as touch typing could be occurred when device clean the memory by

              LMK - Low Memory Killer). But you do not have to worry because after the clean up the memory device has come back to the original



          2. If you continue to experience this symptom sluggish over time,

               1) Short-press the "Recently used app key" (Long-press : work as the menu key)

               2) Press the "Clear All" button, you can clean up the memory immediately.





              1) Go to settings -> General -> Smart cleaning

              2) Push clean up button and it will show newly available memory space.


            Latest app and Smart cleaning


            3) If you frequently experience forced shutdown or stopping of the application, please clean up the memory by using the manager    

                   of latest apps or Smart cleaning as guide mentioned. If the symptoms will continue to occur even if try them, please check

                   requirements of the application because application might need lots of device memory to run. Also If force shutdown is   

                   occurred when you surf the internet, please pay attention to the possible use of those sites.



               4) When the forced shutdown is occurred when operating a game, also check requirements of the application because application

                    might need lots of device memory to run.


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