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What is Android Beam?

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What is Android Beam?


Function Function


             Android Beam is a service to transmit and receive apps or files between two devices via NFC.

             Run a feature (Gallery, Music, Contacts, Browser, Map, YouTube, or any downloaded app) and place the phone back to back to another phone.

             Screen that says “Touch the screen to Beam” will appear. Tab to start transmission.


setup How to setup


             Ensure Android Beam are enabled on both devices.


             Go to Settings > Networks > Share & Connect 

             share and connect



             Turn on NFC

             turn on NFC

             Check Android Beam

             Check Android Beam   place both devices back to back


how to use How to use


             1. Select the file you want to share on your device.

                  select a file



             2. Place both devices back to back while the selected file is displayed on your screen.


             3. When the content is ready to be sent, the screen will be shown in a smaller size.

                  touch the screen



             4. Touch the screen to share.


             5. Transmission will start and the selected file will appear on the other device’s screen.



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