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[LG G4]How can I control EV in Manual Camera Controls?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

How can I control EV in Manual Camera Controls?


Function Function


           ▶ EV (Exposure value): Used to control brightness.

    1. EV can be controlled in Unlock mode or when AE-L is turned off. 
    2. If AE-L button is turned ON (Lock mode), EV cannot be used.
    3. As you go up (+ side), the screen gets brighter. When you go down (– side), the screen becomes darker.

             Note: When you adjust EV, ISO and SS are automatically controlled and their values are displayed on the top.

    4. If ISO or SS is selected or AE-L is turned on while adjusting EV, EV cannot be changed.
                   EV will be set up automatically according to ISO and SS settings.
                   EV control


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