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[LG G4]What is DSDP Dual Audio?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

What is DSDP Dual Audio?


function Function


             1. When a phone is connected to the TV via HDMI / Miracast to view a music, audio will only be available on the TV.
            2. Notifications will not appear when a movie is viewed, and you can also freely use other apps or features such as game, phone,
                and   YouTube at the same time.

How to use How to use


            1.Connect to TV via a HDMI cable or Miracast .
            2.Play a video.
            3.Tab Home b utton to go to the home screen when a video file is played.
            4. You can freely use other features like games on your phone.

                Note: You cannot control the TV volume on your phone as the sound output on the TV and phone are not connected.

                          Audio cannot be heard on the phone with an earphone or Bluetooth headset.


              how to use DSDP Dual Audio




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