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[G3] How to use Bluetooth on my G3

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018
How to use Bluetooth on my G3


Function What is Bluetooth



             You can use Bluetooth to send data by running a corresponding application,

             but not from the Bluetooth menu as on most other mobile phones.



                • LG is not responsible for the loss, interception or misuse of data sent or received via the Bluetooth wireless feature.

                • Always ensure that you share and receive data with devices that are trusted and properly secured.

                   If there are obstacles between the devices, the operating distance may be reduced.

                • Some devices, especially those that are not tested or approved by Bluetooth SIG, may be incompatible with your device.


imageHow to use


             Turning on Bluetooth and pairing up your phone with a Bluetooth device


             1. Tapimeage > > Apps tabimage > Settingsimage > Networks tab > set Bluetooth to ON.
             2. Tap the Bluetooth menu again. You will see the option to make your phone visible and option to search devices.

                 Now tap Search for devices to view the devices in the Bluetooth Range.
             3. Choose the device you want to pair with from the list.
                 Once the paring is successful, your device will connect to the other device.


            NOTE: Some devices, especially headsets or hands-free car kits, may have a fixed Bluetooth PIN,

                         such as 0000. If the other device has a PIN, you will be asked to enter it.


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