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[Nexus 5X] FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

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FRP (Factory Reset Protection)



     • It is the function added by North America’s Kill Switch Law, which introduced with the purpose 
       of disabling the usage in case of finding lost or stolen terminal to prevent crime, and Nexus’ FRP 
       blocks the use of the unauthorized user terminal by checking if it is an authenticated user 
       after untrusted factory reset.

                                                    Trusted vs. Untrusted


How to run



Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset
(The one and only method)

No other method shall be added


All other factory resets other than trusted factory reset
(HW, Hidden menu, fastboot, etc...)


     • When user inputs Google Account, FRP is automatically enabled.

     • After untrusted factory reset, unless it is connected to the network through SIM or WiFi as follows,
       or if the previous user’s Google Account is not input, you can not go to Next in Setup Wizard and y
       ou may not use the terminal. (Same as Lock)



     • Device locked with FRP can only be unlocked by KSUT (Kill Switch Unlock Tool), general user
       cannot use the terminal, and it can be used only when it is sent to service center through service
       - User needs to visit sales shop to unlock.


     • The path to disable FRP is not accessible when OEM Unlock is enabled in developer mode.








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