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[V10] What is shutter speed setting in manual camera or video mode?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

What is (shutter speed) setting in manual camera or video mode?



     Shutter speed adjusts the amount of the light entering at the moment the shutter opens and closes.

     Slower or Longer shutter speed lets in more light
          • Low light environments
          • Effects such as light trail and to capture movement

     Shorter or Faster shutter speeds allow less light
          • Freeze action shots
          • Best in brighter environments

 How to use

     1. With the camera active in Manual Mode (camera or video) tap the  (shutter speed) button
         at the bottom.
         a) AE-L button is OFF (Unlock state): When you press SS button, the shutter speed
              at the moment the button is pressed is selected.
         b) Afterwards, AE-L button is ON, becomes Lock state, and EV becomes deactivated state.
             (same as ISO)
         c) AE-L button is ON (Lock state): When you press SS button, previously selected shutter
             speed value is selected.
         d) When you change the shutter speed, EV value according to the currently set ISO / SS values is
             automatically calculated and displayed on the indicator.

      2. Slide the wheel up or down to adjust the shutter speed.





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