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[V10] How to use manual focus?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

How to use manual focus?



     Get the exact focus you want every time.

     The V10 allows you to adjust there are two or more subjects, camera may focus on someplace else other
     than the intention of you. Manual focus it the function for you to take the picture as intended by 
     manually controlling the focus when there are multiple subjects.

     The camera expert mode’s MF is abbreviation of Manual Focus and is the menu for manual focus 
     control, and you can press MF button and control the focus by manipulating the wheel on the right 

 How to use

     1. With the camera active in Manual Mode (camera or video) tap the MF button at the bottom.
         a) The value first selected when MF button is the current focus value.
         b) To return to Auto mode, press AUTO button on top of the wheel.?(AE-L button does not affect WB / MF)
         c) When MF mode is active, you cannot use Touch focus.
     2. Slide the wheel up or down to adjust the focus.
     3. Manual Focus is applied irrespective of other setting options (WB / EV / ISO / SS values).




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