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[V10] How can you set your phone to silent?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

How can you set your phone to silent?


     From Google Lollipop OS version, mute mode called “No Interruptions”.  You will not hear
     alarms or other media while in this mode.  For Alarm to sound, set your device to “Priority 


 How to use

     1. From the home screen, 
         tap Apps ▶ Setting?▶?Sound & notifications tab (if applicable) ▶ Interruptions.  
         From here you can select Calls and notification option as well as to set options for
         Priority only and Downtime.

     2. If you set notice restricted mode to All interruptions, the notifications from all apps are
         received through sound or vibration according to sound and vibration setting.

     3. If you set notice restricted mode to Priority only, only the notices from the apps selected
         in app notice setting are received through sound or vibration.  In Priority only mode, alarm 
         is always available.

     4. If you want to receive selected notice only from certain phonebook, you can set through 
         ‘Priority only’ menu.  For example, if you set the phone as ‘Priority only’ and select 
         Incoming Call ‘Allow from everyone, then only calls from stored contacts are notified through
         sound or vibration, and the calls from other phonebook are switched to mute. 

     5. If you set notice restricted mode to No interruptions, all sounds including alarm are 
         switched to mute.  In mute state, you cannot change sound and  vibration setting.



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