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[G2] Locking and unlocking the screen

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Locking and unlocking the screen




function Locking and unlocking the screen


     If you do not use the phone for a while, the screen will be automatically turned off and locked. This helps to prevent accidental taps and saves battery power.
     When you are not using the phone, press the
Power/Lock key image to lock your phone. If there are any programs running when you lock your screen, they may be still running
     in Lock mode. It is recommended that you exit all programs before entering Lock mode to avoid unnecessary charges (e.g. phone calls, web access and data communications).
     To wake up your phone, press the
Power/Lock key image. The Lock screen will appear. Touch and slide the Lock screen in any direction to unlock your Home screen. The last
     screen you viewed will open.



How to use KnockON


     You can lock or unlock the screen by just double-tap.

     To activate KnockON feature

     1  Tap image > image > Apps tab > image Settings > General tab > Gestures.

2  Place a checkmark on Screen on/off.

     Double-tap the center screen quickly to unlock the screen.

     To lock the screen, doubletap the status bar in any screen (except on the camera viewfinder) or empty area on the Home screen.


     ※ NOTE: When turning the screen on, make sure you do not cover the proximity sensor. Doing so will turn the screen off immediately after turning it on in order to prevent abnormal

                        turning on in your pocket or bag.




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