Press Release


LG Electronics Innovates “LATS CAD” Software to Design Project Schemes for heating Systems, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems


From this innovative software support is granted to the real estate entrepreneurs, engineers, consultants, and contractors, especially when it comes to the implementation and design of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems within the maximum levels of speed and at the lowest costs.

The program is highly accurate in the formulation of the  basic estimates of scheme and designs as it offers all the details of the areas and the pipes required to install the systems while completely casting aside old freehand sketching. This mechanism contributes to reducing the time and efforts involved in the design process, and it decreases the amount of pipes wasted on account of the wrong estimates that might happen through using the conventional engineering sketching software.

Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant Mr. Tae Hun Ryu said that the new LATS CAD software was developed from a series of research and development efforts all aimed at ensuring it is the leader in inventing products and solutions that meet the needs and expectations of customers from various vital sectors, as construction sector is one of the most important of these sectors.

“Our new software is characterized by its ability to raise the efficiency of work in the early stages of the design and construction of a project by a percentage that exceeds 50 % when compared to more traditional design software systems used for the development of the sector and its transformation to a more advanced level characterized by the re- defining of the concept of design and implementation. It creates buildings that keep pace with the latest technological developments in the world of construction and real estate world,” he added.

It is worth noting that "LG Electronics" will launch its latest air conditioning systems the Multi V4, a system known for consuming 30% less energy than its market peers in the domestic market, during the month of October. The Multi V4 air conditioning system gains its market edge by offering a set of features designed to be compatible with different lifestyle demands and climatic changes. It comes with the 4th generation VRF system which enables it to offer the highest levels of efficiency in terms of energy conservation, as well to its Smart Inverter technology that enables it to provide a high energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 4.85, which in turn is responsible for ensuring significantly less CO2 emissions when compared with other air conditioning systems available on the market.

Additionally, its Smart Oil Return feature greatly reduces the likelihood of a system shut-down during heating operation. Furthermore, the Multi V4 air conditioning system can also be easily installed and its performance can be monitored. The fact that it can be operated remotely makes it the ideal choice for several community sectors including; the corporate sector, commercial sector, and entertainment sector. It is designed to effectively operate in spaces as wide as movie theaters and shopping malls, while it is also ideal for the temperature control needs of residences whether they are apartments or stand-alone villas.