Absorption Chiller Hybrid Type

Absorption Chiller Hybrid Type uses heat instead of electricity. This highly efficient solution is best for areas with severe power shortages.
  • 3 small circles are arranged in a triangular pattern on the outline of a larger circle. Each small circle features a 3-part partition at its center.

    Superior Installation Convenience

    3 Parts Partition enables easy installation at narrow places such as remodeling & renovation sites.

  • Front view of the LG Hybrid Type Absorption Chiller, two dotted-outline rectangles with red arrows suggest that these components can be opened.

    Easy Pipe Cleaning

    When cleaning the piping, only the water box cover can be opened without disconnecting the piping.

  • The rectangular control panel is central, with a vacuum pressure transmitter connected to a red dot on the left, and an X30 controller on the right.

    Digital Pressure Check

    Digital pressure gauge is used to monitor the pressure inside the refrigerator in real time. The vacuum rate is automatically set and saved. The saved data can be used to accurately and quickly monitor and diagnose leakage.

  • A person holds a tablet displaying a control solution. Four red lines extend from the tablet, connecting to buildings on the left.

    Optimized Central Control

    Control solutions such as ACP and AC Smart enable easy monitoring and allow remote control to manage various HVAC models at anywhere.