• As an HVAC technician, providing your customers with the best solutions available is essential to the success of your business. The HVAC systems in your customers’ homes or businesses are an investment in comfort, safety, and health. Comprehensive maintenance of these systems not only ensures efficient operation but also saves on more extensive maintenance down the road. Furthermore, maintaining these systems keeps temperatures at appropriate levels while improving indoor air quality by filtering out pollutants. Let’s explore how “LG Air Solution Care” is providing maintenance services with inspection, cleaning, and component replacement while also offering comprehensive system monitoring and control with LG BECON cloud and other convenient control systems.

Type of LG HVAC Maintenance Type of LG HVAC Maintenance
  • System Inspection for More Efficient Heating and Cooling

    System inspection is essential to staying out in front of any issues that may occur with an HVAC system. LG focuses on professionalism and reliability, with the goal of providing standardized inspection services that result in actionable improvements to HVAC systems. In addition, LG can deliver regular check-up reports, feedback, and 24-hour monitoring to address the needs of customers. Although standardized inspection methods are important, it is also important to understand that each customer is different. LG provides service options, allowing customers to select the most suitable service option for their facilities at a cost that better suits their budget.

LG HVAC inspection process LG HVAC inspection process
  • Regular Cleaning Goes a Long Way

    Maintaining a clean overall system and clean filters is paramount for the performance of an HVAC system. This involves removing debris or contaminants from panels and grills as well as ensuring the efficiency of filters to remove indoor pollutants such as fine dust from the air, which creates a healthier and more pleasant indoor environment. LG offers high-pressure and high-temperature water cleaning with special deodorization coating along with cleaning services that maintain pleasant environments while also preserving the performance of HVAC systems and reducing the need for component replacement in the future. Cleaning filters and heat exchangers also prevents blockages, enhancing airflow and overall HVAC efficiency. Furthermore, preventing blockages in the heat exchanger ensures that liquid refrigerant doesn't enter the compressor, thereby preventing malfunctions and maintaining efficiency.

LG HVAC cleaning process LG HVAC cleaning process
  • Genuine Parts Replacement Straight from LG

    Replacement of system components is unavoidable for any HVAC system. LG prides itself on delivering advanced HVAC systems, and it’s equally committed to ensuring high-quality component replacements. The LG team utilizes sophisticated sensors and expertise to accurately determine when a component might need attention or replacement. A global network of trained experts that each bring a wealth of HVAC knowledge tailored to their respective regions is something not many manufacturers can provide to your customers. It's essential to LG that customers receive only genuine parts, sourced directly from dedicated warehouses and authorized dealers. Whether you're selecting a specific service or in need of a component replacement, you can trust LG's commitment to excellence and integrity. We're here to ensure your customers’ devices operate at their best, providing them with peace of mind.

LG HVAC replacement process LG HVAC replacement process
  • LG BECON Takes Maintenance Services to the Next Level

    Imagine having a system that not only integrates seamlessly with all the LG HVAC equipment in any building, but also boasts an intuitive interface so users can easily comprehend. That's what LG BECON cloud brings to the table for LG HVAC solutions! The tools provided by the LG BECON cloud are designed with fast and effective service in mind, ensuring that you have access to your customers’ systems for remote site monitoring and diagnosis.

LG HVAC BECON Cloud service LG HVAC BECON Cloud service
  • LG BECON cloud Saves Time, Energy and Money

    LG BECON cloud is designed to prevent the waste of time and energy through solutions optimized for various business environments, leading to excellent cost reduction.

  • A. Smart Management

    The solution offers intuitive remote control and monitoring, creating a more comfortable environment with smart management and maintaining an efficiently running system. This includes features like visual navigation, operation trend views, error code notifications, and energy management.

  • B. Convenient Connectivity and Expandability

    LG HVAC maintenance service provides engineers with a versatile platform for efficient remote monitoring and management of systems through easy connectivity and an open API. This allows for the development and implementation of custom applications and controls, enhancing system functionality and user experience. Consequently, engineers can enhance system reliability, reduce downtime, and ensure customer satisfaction through predictive and preventative maintenance.

    * BECON cloud API is not officially supported. In order to use BECON cloud API, a business should first consult with LG Electronics in detail.

  • C. Energy and Cost Savings

    LG BECON Cloud adeptly facilitates energy and cost savings by employing intelligent algorithms to optimize HVAC system settings, ensuring peak performance with minimal energy expenditure. It provides users with comprehensive insights into energy usage patterns, enabling the formulation of strategies that enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Furthermore, its remote management capability allows users to maintain optimal system performance, ensuring energy is utilized effectively, thereby supporting financial and environmental sustainability.

  • Energy Management Made Easy

    LG BECON's energy management functionality is a marvel. It allows users to set target values for energy consumption over specific periods. To achieve these targets, administrators can employ a seven-step energy-saving logic, predicting expected usage against the set target. This proactive approach ensures that buildings are always energy-efficient, actively promoting savings throughout.

  • When it comes to comprehensive energy management, the diverse centralized control systems offered by LG including BECON Cloud, LG AC Manager 5, and ACP stand out, offering flexible interfaces tailored for each user. It provides real-time and periodic energy usage monitoring. Moreover, users can set energy usage and operation time targets, receiving alerts if these are exceeded. Smart Controls for Energy Conservation: LG BECON's Time Limit Control monitors a unit's continuous running time, ensuring that energy isn't wasted by automatically turning off units that run excessively. The LG AC Manager 5 offers an operation trend view and energy report, giving users a comprehensive understanding of their energy consumption patterns.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.

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