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[G3] Hướng dẫn sửa chữa

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image Troubleshooting

           Chương này liệt kê một số vấn đề bạn có thể gặp phải khi sử dụng điện thoại của bạn. Một số vấn đề yêu cầu bạn gọi nhà cung cấp dịch vụ của bạn, nhưng hầu hết là dễ dàng để sửa chữa cho mình.


Possible causes

Possible corrective measures

Micro-SIM card error

There is no Micro-SIM card in

the phone or it is inserted


Make sure that the Micro-SIM card is correctly


No network

connection/ Dropped network

Signal is weak or you are

outside the carrier network.

Move toward a window or into an open area.

Check the network operator coverage map.

Operator applied new services.

Check whether the Micro-SIM card is more than

6~12 months old. If so, change your Micro-SIM

card at your network provider's nearest branch. Contact your service provider.

Codes do not match

To change a security code, you will need to confirm the new code by re-entering it.

If you forget the code, contact your

service provider.

The two codes you have

entered do not match.

No applications can be set

Not supported by service

provider or registration


Contact your service provider.

Calls not available

Dialling error

New network not authorised.

New Micro-SIM card inserted.

Check for new restrictions.

Pre-paid charge limit reached.

Contact service provider or reset limit with PIN2.

Phone cannot

be switched on

On/Off key pressed too briefly.

Press the On/Off key for at least two seconds.

Battery is not charged.

Charge battery. Check the charging indicator

on the display.

Charging error

Battery is not charged.

Charge battery.

Outside temperature is too hot or cold.

Make sure phone is charging at a

normal temperature.

Contact problem

Check the charger and its connection

to the phone.

No voltage

Plug the charger into a different socket.

Charger defective

Replace the charger.

Wrong charger

Use only original LG accessories.

Number not allowed

The Fixed dialling number

function is on.

Check the Settings menu and turn the

function off.

Impossible to

receive / send SMS & photos

Memory full

Delete some messages from your phone.

Files do not open

Unsupported file format

Check the supported file formats.

The screen does not turn on

when I receive a call.

Proximity sensor problem

If you use a protection tape or case, make sure it has not covered the area around the proximity sensor. Make sure that the area around the proximity sensor is clean.

No sound

Vibration mode

Check the settings status in the sound menu

to make sure you are not in vibration

or silent mode.

Hangs up or freezes

Intermittent software problem

Try to perform a software update via the website.

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