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Just Drag and Share

The LG Mouse Scanner is a mouse with an
embedded scanner function that offers
convenience, mobility, and simplicity to users.

Discover the LG Mouse Scanner

IT Accessories

With innovative computer accessories, like the world’s first Mouse Scanner, LG is changing the way you live. Feast your eyes on the remarkable features and real-time capabilities that put LG at the forefront of IT accessories and state-of-the-art innovation.  Learn More

Featuring a range of desktop accessories, LG is at the forefront of innovation. Just two of the PC accessories revolutionising the way people work and play include:

The LG Mouse Scanner: Although it’s the size of a normal mouse for your computer, this unique IT accessory allows you to scan items quickly and easily. Just drag the mouse to scan, then share the item – and you’re done.

Portable Theatre Multimedia Player: Among the many leading-edge computer accessories developed by LG, the Portable Theatre Multimedia Player allows you to enjoy movies in full HD, listen to music and more – all while on the go. Featuring a full HD display with HDMI and a wireless ethernet connection, this fully mobile PC accessory is changing how and where people indulge in their favourite forms of entertainment.

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