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5.2" Screen 13MP Camera Android

LG G2 (D802TA) 16GB

  • Instinctive Design with Refined Rear Key
  • 5.2" Full HD IPS Display
  • 13MP OIS Camera
  • Quick Remote for Universal Remote Control
  • Control your privacy with Guest Mode
  • Available in Black and White
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You
LG G2 (D802TA) Black 16GB Smartphone - Learning From You

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Rear Key

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The revolutionary rear keys (home button and volume keys) have been ergonomically designed to work effortlessly with your index finger. Whether you are right or left handed the rear keys provide great versatility and align with your natural finger placement creating a new level of comfort and convenience. Easily control the volume while in a call or effortlessly take a self portrait. The slim and sleek feel is further enhanced and the overall width reduced by the removing all buttons from the side of the handset.


See images in vibrant colour and clarity on the 5.2” Full-HD IPS display. With over 400 pixels per inch showing off every minute detail the large display delivers true to life colours for beautiful graphics, so you can enjoy clear image reproduction and sharp text. Whether you're watching a nature documentary in Full HD or shopping for a special pair of shoes in that perfect shade of red, you'll get an authentic view of what you're looking at.

13MP OIS Advanced Camera

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Capture high-quality images with the 13 MP OIS (Optical Image Stabliser) Camera, featuring scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass that protects the lens from blemishes.

LG G2 uses OIS technology to stabilise your photo taking and minimise the chances of blur when taking photos and video. The floating lens moves to counter the shake induced by your hand. The built in OIS technology is ideal in lowlight settings as the shutter needs to stay open longer to capture an image, therefore the shot is able to be sharper and clearer than a standard non OIS equiped camera. When you’re on the go or you’re caught in the dark your images will appear bright, detailed and sharp with minimal user created blur.

And with Muiltipoint autofocus the camera on the LG G2 can detect and capture a subject more accurately with it's 9 AF (autofocus) points.


There’s a lot of detail behind every sound—and with HD sound playback, you’ll hear it all. The LG G2 delivers high quality audio with minimal distortion for files supporting 24-bit, 192 kHz HD playback. High quality industry standard FLAC and WAV files deliver great sound clarity in their recordings, so you can enjoy the deep tone of the base, subtle vocal details, or the sweet sound of a power chord.


Enjoy silky smooth graphics while watching video or playing games, and juggle multiple apps with the power of the 2.3GHz quad core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 Processor. Combined with the speed of 4G LTE and a long-lasting 3000mAh SIO+ battery you can now do it quickly, effortlessly, and for longer - it’s all possible with the LG G2.


The LG G2’s 3,000mAh SiO+ battery gives you impressive power and usage times without compromising on size, weight or style. The battery’s stepped-design has enabled LG to fit a higher capacity battery into a smaller form and delivered a stylish and ergonomically curved form. The silicon oxide plus (SiO+) material delivers a high density battery for increased storage capacity when compared to other similar sized batteries.


You’re not always the only one using your phone—but with 'Guest Mode' you can personalise a user experience for yourself and a guest. Control which apps and phone capabilities are made available to the guest and quickly and easily enable 'Guest Mode' by personalising a different pattern unlock code on the phones home screen. For instance, a child can be given an unlock code that gives access only to a selection of functions such as games and blocks access to all other areas and features. You can now share your phone whenever you like, whilst protecting your private information and your personal phone settings remain just how you left them.


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Capture what needs to be heard. Focus on specific audio by zooming in on the intended subject while recording a video. This feature uses three inbuilt microphones in the phone, which amplifies the sound from the specified angle and de-emphasises the surrounding noise. So now you can zoom in on the sounds you want to hear, and tune out those you don’t.

Functions only in landscape view.


A simple knocking gesture is all it takes. Just tap twice on the screen to wake your phone’s display without picking it up or pressing the power key. The device senses the gesture as you lightly tap twice on the screen and turns the display on. Then when you're done, two taps on the screen will turn the display off again.


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Want to listen to music? Just plug in your headphones and the related features or apps will conveniently appear on phone screen for you to easily select your preferred option. Ready to sync files? Plug in your USB cable and the screen icons will pop up to give easy direct access to the feature you want use. With Plug & Pop, the LG G2 automatically shows you the icons for the features that require earphones or USB cables when you plug them in, making the apps you want quickly accessible.


Double the fun and put yourself in the picture, even if you’re the one behind the camera. Dual Recording/Dual Camera lets you activate the front and rear cameras simultaneously, so you can record yourself and your subject at the same time. This fun feature works with both the still camera and video camera, using the built in 'picture-in picture' mode.


Focus in on your favorite subject, without losing track of the big picture. Tracking Zoom lets you create videos with a picture-in-picture frame that highlights your selected subject’s movements, while keeping the rest of the scene in view. This feature zooms in on the moving subject you select, and tracks their actions in a separate pane overlapping the background video.


Turn it on. Point and click and watch the magic unfold. QuickRemote makes it easy to be the master of a variety of devices, regardless of the product or brand. QuickRemote comes preloaded with the infrared (IR) settings for a multitude of LG and other devices from TV's to Airconditioners to Vacuum Cleaners, which you can control directly from the software preloaded on your LG G2. Categorise devices for separate rooms ie; the living room or bedroom and do away with a seperate remote for every device in the house. If a device is not preloaded you can create your own custom remote and teach your LG G2 new commands by mapping the buttons from the real remote controller onto the handset - it's all possible with LG G2.


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Capture plus lets you save the full content of a web page rather than just a limited screen capture. You can now copy multiple items, such as full web pages, and paste them into a clipboard known as ‘clip tray’. The captured information then pops up at the bottom of the screen, for a collection of information that you can choose to save, send or print later.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatised. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

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