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LG 13Z940 Ultra PC

LG Ultra PC

On the go?
It's all possible with LG Ultra PC.

Discover 13Z940 Ultra PC
LG recommends Windows.

Ultra PCs

Get great performance and portability. LG Ultra PCs let you take your work and entertainment with you –without weighing you down. Learn More

Discover some of the reasons why LG’s Ultra PC is receiving great reviews:

Incredibly powerful processing: With the 4th Generation Intel® Core i7 Processor, our Ultra PCs make it easy to work and play at lightning speeds.

Instant Booting: The Ultra PC boots from standby in 2 seconds with Instant Booting. So open the Ultra PC and you are ready to socialise, shop, work or play.

Slim Design: Our Windows 8 Ultra PCs weigh just 0.98kg with a thinness of 13.6mm, making them easy to take with you.

Reader Mode: When you choose an Ultra PC with the Reader Mode feature, it provides a more comfortable condition for reading by reducing blue light emissions. Activate Reader Mode with just a touch of a button, to comfortably read on the monitor for longer periods.

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