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Water Purifiers

Give your family instant access to clean, refreshing, great-tasting water. With a water purifier from LG, you can safely filter and store water for your family to use, hot or cold, anytime. Learn More

Safer Water Storage: Because our water purifiers feature high-quality stainless-steel water storage tanks, instead of plastic ones, they help prevent the intrusion of bacteria on the tank surface.

Indirect Heating & Cooling: Our water purifier has been designed to use an indirect heating and cooling method, which allows us to avoid placing a heating or cooling element directly in our water tanks – and create more hygienic conditions for your water.

Inside Care System: To provide you with a safe, effective water treatment option, our systems were designed to hygienically manage all parts that come into contact with water from the main supply connection – including the hose, filter, storage tank, hot/cold tank, and lever. This way, you can rest assured that your water is clean and healthy.

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