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How can I prevent condensation on the door seal?

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  • Last Updated 15/05/2015

How can I prevent condensation on the door seal? 






symptom  Symptom

              Condensation on the door seal








cause  Potential cause


             1. If the door is not completely shut due to excessive amount of food stored, the cold air can leak from the gap; which results in condensation.

             2. If the refrigerator is old or moved recently, sealing might weaken and the cold air will leak from the gap; which also results in condensation.




how to fix  How to fix

             1. Rearrange foods and make sure the door is completely shut.

             2. Wipe the door seal with a washcloth soaked in warm water. Adjust the refrigerator to be slightly tilted towards the back.


             <Condensation on the seal>

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