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[Dryer] Is there too much laundry for drying? (Long drying time)

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  • Last Updated 18/07/2014


Is there too much laundry for drying ? (Long drying time)


  - The volume of laundry decreases as clothes gets wet in washing machine;

     conversely, the volume of laundry increases as clothes are dried in the dryer.

     The maximum volume of dryer is 10kg and this implies that dryer has lower capacity than washing machine.

  - Humidity sensor will not work properly if you dry excessive amount of laundry. Laundry may not be completely dried.



  - Put appropriate amount of laundry to meet the dryer capacity.

     (If laundry exceeds or reaches the maximum capacity, divide the laundry into two).

  - Dry adequate amount of laundry (5~7kg)


※ Before drying, must spin the laundry first

     Otherwise, drying will take longer and this may cause defect.


Drying time based on the amount of laundry



27 inch  Vented dryer



Drying 10kg


Drying 6kg

Drying 3kg









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