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Take-Back & Recycling Network

LG Electronics collects e-waste in accordance with the local Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations and requirements around the world.

Customers can return the end-of-life product to the established take-back system by LG Electronics. Please see below for the details how to recycle LG product.

See details of LG Electronics’ Requirements for recycler

Global Network

WEEE Take-Back Information

In Europe, LG Electronics conducts take-back and recycling under the WEEE(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives since 2005. According to the WEEE directives, each member states of the EU has its own collection and recycling system. LG Electronics has fulfilled the regulatory obligations in all EU countries.

For more information about how to recycle LG Products in your country.

Packaging & Battery Take-Back

LG Electronics is also complying with the packaging regulation as well as battery regulation for the countries in Europe.
Please contact below recyclers for more information about how to recycle the packaging and battery in your country:

Packaging Take-Back information in Europe

Battery Take-Back information in Europe