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Live beyond.

Experience next-level living.
Timeless design,
superb craftsmanship,
and boundless innovation.

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Seven years after its launch, LG SIGNATURE continues to redefine the ultra-premium.

Its second-generation lineup adds differentiated advancements to its original living solutions that consistently take performance, design, and usability to new heights.

True to the brand’s legacy of craftsmanship,
the lineup elevates your lifestyle by bringing luxurious minimalism to the home.

Living solutions thoroughly committed to
escalating your luxury experience

Your preview of the second-generation LG SIGNATURE appliances lineup being introduced to the world at CES 2023.

Undistilled refinement.
Unabridged minimalism.

All for you, brought by the LG SIGNATURE second-generation lineup.

  • A pair of the second-generation Washer and Dryer.

    Style Beyond

    Minimalism and sturdiness can go hand-in-hand. A widened display unlocks usability that is highly intuitive and convenient.

    • • Biggest Capacity

    • • Built-in Intelligence

    • • Informative and Intuitive 7” Wide LCD

    • • LG ThinQ app continuously upgrades product

  • A pair of the second-generation InstaView® Over-the-Range and Oven Range.

    Cook Beyond

    Keep a watch over your energy usage in real-time while Internal sensors adjust cooking times and temperatures automatically.

    • • 27” LCD Touchscreen

    • • 3 Built-in cameras and Voice Control

    • • ProBake Convection 2.0

    • • UltraHeat™ and AI Cooking System

    • • ThinQ Recipe 18,000, Scan to Cook

    • • Real-time monitoring, ThinQ UP

  • A close-up of the second-generation Refrigerator's Dual InstaView-topped door.

    Taste Beyond

    Let positivity double in effect. Doors topped with dual InstaView® present an aesthetic and functional upgrade.

    • • Dual InstaView™ Door-in-Door®

    • • Knock-on, 7” Wide LCD

    • • Auto Open Door-in-Door

    • • Craft Ice™

    • • Full STS Interior

Products comprising the new LG SIGNATURE lineup.

experience the ideal life

Look forward to a new experience that
LG SIGNATURE will showcase.