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​​[V10] How to add Smart Bulletin 2.0 home screen?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/06/2018

How to add Smart Bulletin 2.0 home screen?



     Smart Bulletin 2.0 allows users to quickly view information and launch applications from the G
     Board. It includes customizable cards that help users track their health, schedule and 
     provides useful tips.

 How to use

     ■ How to add the screen

     1. From the home screen, simply swipe two fingers together [image 1].
     2. Tap the plus icon for the G screen (first one listed) to add.



     From the home screen, tap App ▶ Settings ▶ Display tab (if applicable) ▶ Home screen▶ 
     Smart Bulletin.  Slide the switch to ON and place a checkmark next to the items you want 
     listed.  Additionally drag the handle on the right to rearrange.



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