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[Nexus 5X ] App Standby

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App Standby



     App Standby allows the system to determine that an app should be idle when you are not actively

     using it. The system makes this decision when you does not touch the app for a certain period of 

     time. If the device is unplugged, the system disables network access and suspends syncs and jobs

     for the apps which seem idle.


     You can choose not to optimize a particular app either from Doze or App Standby from app

     info or battery settings.


     First, The condition for App Standby:

     a.  The app has been inactive, which means that you have not launched the app directly or
          indirectly for a good amount of screen-time. Indirectly launch means that a foreground app
          accesses the service, such as notification listener.
     b.  The app isn’t exempted using this Battery optimization settings.
     c.  The device isn’t being charged.
     ※ NOTE : Apps using GCM will be accessed through a simple window, Google Play services is
                        exempted by default, and OEM may choose to add more.


     What happens to the app when the app is in standby.

     a.  The app will only have access to the network once a day.
     b.  Sync and other jobs are deferred.


     To exit from standby mode, you need to simply charge the device or launch the app

     directly or indirectly.



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