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[V10] How does smart battery work?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

How does smart battery work?


     Your device monitors system resource and app usage in real time to check the modeling and
     power consumption. For apps that are consuming more power than expected, a notification is 
     provided to inform you via notification panel or Smart Notice.

     1. If an app that is not used for more than a month consumes mobile phone data and battery and
         the standby time is reduced by 5% or more, a notification is provided via notification panel 
         or Smart Notice.


     2. If an app is abnormally ended, is not in use, or is operating in the background consuming 
         battery, a notification is provided.

     For example : When LCD is OFF, Wake Lock (Lock managing power status) or if it is holding 
     GPS in the background for 3 minutes or longer.


     3. Smart battery function does not work on preloaded apps.  It only works on the downloaded 

     4. A notification will not show in the notification panel if Smart Notice is on the 
         home screen. If Smart Notice is not on the home screen, you will receive from the 
         notification shade.



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