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[LG webOS TV] Program Tunning

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[LG webOS TV] Program Tunning


function Automatically Setting Up Programme


           Home  Settings advanced setting Programmes Programme Tuning Auto Tuning



           Automatically tunes the programmes.



           1. Select Country where the TV is used. Programme settings change depending

               on the country you choose.

           2. Initiate Auto Tuning.

           3. Set Auto Tuning following screen instructions.



           ● If Input Source is not connected properly, programme registration may not work.

           ● Auto Tuning only finds programmes that are currently broadcasting.

           ● If Safety is turned on, a pop-up window will appear asking for password.



how to use How to use Manual Tuning



           home  settings  advanced setting Programmes Programme Tuning Manual Tuning



           Adjusts programmes manually and saves the results. 
           For digital broadcasting, signal strength and signal quality can be checked.


           ● You can also adjust the Frequency (kHz) and Bandwidth (MHz).



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