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How can I connect a bluetooth headset to my TV?

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How can I connect a bluetooth headset to my TV?






symptom Symptom


             1. I like to connect a Bluetooth headset paring with my TV.





checkpoint Checkpoint


           1. Make sure that your TV supports bluetooth.


                  Unlike mobile phones, TVs are not usually equipped with bluetooth feature.

                  (If your TV has [Bluetooth] in the MENU, it supports bluetooth devices.)



              2. Check for Dongle and if Dongle is paired with the headset.  

               When Dongle is connected to a headphone jack at the back of the TV, stereo audio signals will be transmitted to the headset.




How to connect a bluetooth device How to connect a bluetooth device



             1. Go to the  [Bluetooth] menu [OK ] and select [On] on TV remote.

                 A  ‘Connecting via Bluetooth”  message will appear.



             2. Set up bluetooth PIN number.

                 Go to [Menu] [Bluetooth] [OK] . Refer to user’s manual for PIN number to enter.

                 (A maximum of 10 digit numbers can be entered.)







How to connect a bluetooth headset How to connect a bluetooth headset


              1. Go to [Menu] [Bluetooth] [Bluetooth Headset] [OK]  on remote. Press Search Device (Green) button.


              2. When search is done, a list of bluetooth devices will be shown. Select a device and press OK.
                  Enter PIN number for the
bluetooth headset. (Enter bluetooth PIN number entered on the product)


              3. When connecting the bluetooth headset, make sure the headset is on. Connection will be cut when power is turned off.


              4. When you want to use the Bluetooth headset again, go to [Menu] [Bluetooth] [Bluetooth Headset] 

                  and select the registered Bluetooth device.


                                   bluetooth headset




        If a Dongle with 3.5mm audio port(connection jack) is used, it can be connected to audio devices such as MP3 player and TVs.












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