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Do you see [Mode not supported] on the screen?

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  • עדכון אחרון 02/15/2018

Do you see [Mode not supported] on the screen?



When connecting PC and TV, you may see themessage saying “mode not supported”. To solve this problem

youneed to adjust the resolution of PC screen.

HD TV : 1024 ×768  / Full HD TV : 1920X1080 / Ultla HD TV : 3840X2160

Ultla HD TV : 3840X2160, need to checkif it supports graphic cards.  


Howto fix

- Windows 7 or higher

Right click anywhere on the desktop screen Selectscreen resolutionAdjustthe screen resolution in settings



-Windows XP



Right click anywhere on the desktopscreenSelect propertiesAdjust screen resolution insettings








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