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הכוונה וטיפים


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I forgot PIN number.

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/29/2018

I forgot PIN number.



Youcan set Pin number to lock channels/apps, and change the number, ifneeded.
Initial PIN number is
0000”,and user can change this number.

※ If you forget the PIN number, it only can be reset by contacting customerservice. Therefore, carefully choose and set PIN number.


※ Itemsto be checked
Afterlocking certain channels and external input, you can undo the lock by enteringPIN number temporarily.






Howto fix 1


model_models before 2011>


① Home or Menu buttonLockEnter passwordSet passwordNew password (twice) 



2012~2015 smartTV Netcast >


 ① SmartSettingLockPasswordSet passwordNew password (twice)










1. בכללי, באיזו מידה מאמר זה היה שימושי עבורך?
1.1 מדוע הכתבה לא פתרה את הבעיה שלך?

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