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[LG webOS TV] Abnormal Operation

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/29/2018

[LG webOS TV] Abnormal Operation


If you experience any of the problems below while using the product, please check the following:

There may be no problem with the product.


symptom I cannot see some channels/ programmes

           Adjust the position or direction of the antenna.   

           Save the desired programmes in home  settings  advanced setting Channels/Programmes 

           ► Channel/Programme Tuning or Channel/Programme Manager.










symptom The screen does not appear for some time after power-on

           This is because there is a noise-removal process to eliminate any possible noise that may

           appear during power-on. This does not mean the product is defective.




symptom   [EU] The SCART output signal is not normal


           When an application for playing multi-media files is running in the background,

           SCART output may not be available.



symptom   When I enter a menu, the Loading message is always displayed

           The Loading message indicates the CPU and hardware booting time, network communication

           setup or communication time with SDP (device authorization and basic information download).

           It normally takes about 20 seconds.


           Information on customer service for product problems is available 

           in home  settings  advanced setting General About This TV on the TV.










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