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[LG webOS TV] How to Use My Channels/Programmes

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[LG webOS TV] How to Use My Channels/Programmes


how to use How to Use My Channels/Programmes



            If you add channels/programmes to Home, you can move to added live TV channels/programmes

            using Home.



            To add the Live TV channels/programmes


            1. Switch to the channel/programme that you want from Live TV to register at Home.




            2. Press the home button on the remote control and select My Cannels/Programmes 

                at the bottom.




            3. Press Add to add the channel/programme you are currently watching.





            ● Press the channel/programme button or Wheel (OK) button on the remote control

                to switch the channels/programmes. You can add the channels/programmes continuously.

            ● You can move/delete the added channels/programmes in the same way that you can manage

                the applications.

            ● To access a channel/programme from other apps, select any channel/programme that has been

                added to My Channels/Programmes.







            ● If you don't want to use this feature, click Off

                in home  settings  advanced setting Channels/Programmes My Channels/Programmes



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