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’17 New Function : Live Zoom Focus (Recording)

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  • עדכון אחרון 07/02/2018

Symptoms : User can zoom in and record a specific area when watching a USB movie


Only available when using a magic remote control, and if the USB storage device is not enough, it will be limited.

Pop-up message: (Unable to start Zoom Recording. Please delete some files to free up spaces in USB storage)


[Home] → [Photo&Video] app

Select the videos or pictures that you want to watch

When playing the video playback, press the live zoom button in magic remote control.

Select “Zoom recording” at the top of the Live Zoom menu.

Record the zoom recording and adjust the areas where zoom recording required with the Magic motion remote control.

Select the “Stop & Store” icon to exit the recording and store the recorded file

Zoom recording Select to play the file.(same as the original movie file)



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