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’17 New Function : OLED Gallery

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  • עדכון אחרון 07/02/2018

Function: use OLED Gallery  themes to create a variety of interior and spaces


How to register

  1. [Home] → [OLED Gallery] app . (Art Gallery of Art, Sunny/Rainy scenery, and my photo play list)

  2. How to play “My photo”

Click “Add” on the top of the screen

Select the folder which user want to add to gallery play

Select photos and click “Add” button to add to “My Photo playlist”.

The selected image will be copied to the internal storage of the selected theme

The list of images you want to use as a theme appears and you select and play the entire image


Go to the photo list.

Set up a music player.
p music content plays a primary role, and you can change the music content @ your music app.

Turn off the player sound.



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