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Why does my refrigerator keep running?

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Why does my refrigerator keep running? (Side-by-side/Standard/Commercial refrigerator, Wine cooler)



symptom  Symptom

           ■ Refrigerator keeps running




cause  Cause

1. If you moved your refrigerator or received a repair service recently, the refrigerator might keep running to maintain the set temperature due to loss of cold air. (Check if the lamp turns on after repair by opening the refrigerator door. Give 12 hours for the temperature to stabilize)

2. If the freezer or fridge door was open for a long period of time, a refrigerator will keep running to make up for the loss of cold air. Please check if doors are shut properly when the refrigerator keeps running. When the temperature stabilizes, the machine will run and stop alternatively. 

3. If the temperature controller is set at Strong, it can run longer. Running time of a refrigerator will be affected by the frequency of opening/closing doors, amount of food preserved, and location of installation, etc.

how to fix  How to fix

               1. If a refrigerator reaches the set temperature, the motor will stop accordingly.

                - If you purchased a new product or moved it in upright position, plug the power cord after 5 minutes.

                - If you moved the refrigerator laid down or tilted by more than 45 degrees(°), use it 1~2 hours after keeping it upright.

                - If you are re-plugging in the power cord, plug it in after 5 minutes. If you plug it in/out too often, the compressor might be overloaded. It is natural for refrigerators to run and stop repeatedly, so they will go back to its usual pace the next day. 

                 pic 1

               < Refrigerator repair >

               2. Make sure the machine is shut properly. A refrigerator will stop running when it reaches the set temperature.

               pic 2

               < Compressor in action >

               3. Set the temperature controller at Medium.

            ※ For newest models, freezer temperature and fridge temperature can be controlled separately.



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