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Why does the freezer make cracking noise?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/19/2018


Why does the freezer make cracking noise?



 Symptom Symptom


              1. The freezer makes a cracking noise.



Cause Reason


             1. A cracking noise can be heard when the parts of the freezer expand or contract due to the temperature changes.

             2. The heater melts the frost that has formed on cooler every 7 hours. The metallic material and ice expand and contract as the temperature

                 fluctuates, causing cracking noises. 

             3. Please be assured that it is a sign of normal operation.



 How to fix How to fix


           1. A cracking noise from the freezer is a sign of normal operation.

              2. Also refer to the user’s manual for this phenomenon.



                  Frost on evaporator


                              [Frost on evaporator]


※ Noise may be frequently heard with a new product, and it will subside gradually (6 months-1 year)



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